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Pontormo: Miraculous Encounters (Morning Tour)

Pontormo Art Muse Los Angeles

Join researcher and Art Muse Robin Trento at her home institution of the Getty as she explores the work of Jacopo da Pontormo. Often regarded as one of the early harbingers of early Mannerism, Pontormo broke away from the classicism of High Renaissance painting. His highly expressionistic and sensitive approach to portraiture made Pontormo one of Florence's most renowned painters. Pontormo: Miraculous Encounters gathers many of the 16th-century painter's most arresting works, including his famed rendition of the Visitation

Image: Visitation (detail), about 1528–1529, Pontormo, oil on wood panel. Parrocchia di San Michele Arcangelo a Carmignano (Prato). Image: Su concessione della Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per la Città Metropolitana di Firenze e per le Province di Pistoia e Prato. Photo © Antonio Quattrone, Florence.