our partners

Art Muse LA is honored to work with distinguished cultural and educational organizations in Southern California and across the country.

Our partnerships range from private tours for Inside the Story, an adult study group that nurtures adult learning through engagement with the arts, to complex programs developed for the University of Chicago Alumni and Forest Lawn. Collaborations develop from special requests with specific parameters, such as travel programs for members of the Photographic Arts Council/LA, theme-tours designed to connect multiple museum collections with a festival organized by LA Opera, and a series of exhibition tours for the Hammer's biannual exhibition Made in LA 2018 to accommodate visitors in multiple languages.

If you represent a group with specific requests or particular interests in the visual arts, please feel free to contact Art Muse/LA at 310-307-4724 or info@artmusela.com. We'd be delighted to design a tour or program suited to your needs.