The Splendors of Spain: Part ii

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Barcelona, Granada & Malaga

April 12th - 23rd

From the Costa Brava to the capital to Costa del Sol, three distinct regions of Spain are the focus of this custom-designed trip. Fours days in Barcelona offer ample time for exploration in the Catalan city where medieval, modern and contemporary art and architecture are abundant. Also enjoy day trips up the coast to the hometown and summer residence of Salvador Dali and to see the countryside that inspired Joan Miro. 

Three days in Madrid provide an overview of the history of Spanish art with visits to the unsurpassed painting collection at The Prado and the impressive collection of contemporary art at The Reina Sophia. A day trip to Toledo takes us to medieval Spain where Moorish, Jewish and Christian beliefs and cultures co-existed.

The final three days are spent in Andalucía. We'll use the provincial town of Almeria as home base for two day trips: one to Malaga to see the Picasso Museum and newly opened branch of the Pompidou Center, and another to Granada to stroll through the palaces and gardens of the Alhambra.

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